Miguel & Bridget Gómez
  • Missionaries Since: October 1998
  • Originally from: Miguel (Oaxaca, Mexico) Bridget (Wisconsin)
  • Areas of Service: Pastoral Care, Worship, Discipleship, Publications

Miguel and Bridget Gómez serve together as the pastors of congregational care at Nations Church and are part of the worship ministry. Miguel oversees the boys’ dormitory at Esperanza Viva Youth Home-Puebla. Both are teachers in La Viña Ministry Institute. Bridget is originally from Wisconsin. She became a missionary at Esperanza Viva Youth Home-Puebla in 1998, living and working as a dormitory supervisor for nine years. Miguel is originally from Oaxaca and was serving as a pastor of a local church when he met Bridget at a conference at Nations Church in 2006. They were married in December 2007. After their wedding, Miguel moved to Puebla to work full time with the youth of Esperanza Viva, inspiring them to walk in a committed relationship with Jesus. Bridget is a full-time mother to their four children, Asher, Annette, Miqueas, and Grace, and she helps with revision of the ministry’s publications.


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