Step out of your world to be a part of something bigger. Bring hope and spark joy in the life of the children of Mexico through a one-week trip that will change your life.

Come to work, come to play, come to pray. There are many activities that can be a part of your mission week from special work projects, community outreach and evangelism, to worship and crafts with the children.

Want to experience it all for yourself?

  • Connect with our Mission Trip Coordinator to reserve dates

  • Plan for your missions week with our easy planning guide

  • Prepare your heart for how this trip will change your life

Life-changing activities

Know our kids.

Embark on a transformative journey with us as we welcome rescued children into our care, nurturing their potential to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Know our staff. 

Meet our passionate team dedicated to rescuing children from the streets and guiding them towards leadership roles in society.

Visit our facilities. 

We provide a sanctuary for rescued children from the streets, offering them not just shelter, but a pathway to empowerment.

Worship with us. 

Experience the joy of worshiping together in community, where hearts unite in harmony and spirit soars. Join us as we come together to celebrate faith, share and pray.

Enjoy Puebla. 

Puebla captivates visitors with its rich tapestry of experiences. Explore centuries-old cathedrals, stroll through picturesque streets adorned with colorful facades, and savor the flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Already considering a mission trip with us?

We Are
Living Hope

Our Mission

To rescue children, train leaders, and reach the nations with the Gospel.

We envision a world where every person has the opportunity to experience joy and reach their God-given potential, regardless of their location or circumstance, through the power of hope found only in the gospel of Jesus Christ.


"We cannot recommend more highly for you to experience all that this ministry has to offer."
Dr. Kenneth Lee
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
"I've been deeply inspired by the many challenges involved in running such a succesfull ministry."
Jessie Polzin
Occupational Therapist
"Witnessing the transformation and seeing the impact firsthand was a powerful experience."
Tim and Gail Trapp
Project Managers


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Trips are typically planned to be one week long, from Saturday to Saturday. We want to make your planning process easier and will walk right next to you during this! For more information on what goes into planning a weeklong mission trip, take a look at the planning manual by clicking here.
  • Trips are typically planned between 3-6 months in advance. If you would like, you may reserve a trip for up to a year in advance.

Want to know more about the planning process for a mission trip to Esperanza Viva? Click here.

We receive groups of all types and sizes. Whether you come with a team or by yourself, you are welcome to serve with us!

Our calendar is wide open, (almost) year-round, with the exception of the first and the last week of the year.

The base donation includes housing, on-campus meals, and transportation within Puebla. While there are many add-ons that you might wish to include in your trip and have it tailored specifically to your team, special outings will require additional expenses to consider. Please visit our Trip Cost Guide by clicking here.

There is a variety of activities for teams to do, from landscaping, painting, evangelism, and teaching sports to the children. If you have a specific activity, such as a sports camp, that you would like to do, let us know and we’ll plan together!

Yes! There are countless opportunities to use your training and talents while on a mission trip. Contact our mission trip coordinator to help you coordinate these activities at:

  • Yes! Your mission trip will also give you the bonus of having the opportunity to meet and connect with your sponsored child(ren) living at Esperanza Viva Youth Home.
  • YES! With the help of our mission trip coordinator, you can get a group of friends, family, coworkers, you name it, to come and visit for a week of missions! Take a look at our General Information for Mission Team Leaders by clicking here.
  • We can help you get started as you fundraise! Take a look at our sample fundraiser letter here and get more tips and ideas!
  • Yes! Here we have prepared a basic language preparation worksheet that will help you communicate with the children and around the town. If you don’t know Spanish, don’t worry! A simple smile will go a long way with the children and playing with them says a lot. 
  • Also here is a Packing List that will help guide you to fill your suitcase! 

Are you a leader of a Missions Team and already have a week reserved?
Take a look at these informative documents below to help plan your trip!