Dave & Jaime Wasserman
  • Missionaries Since: January 2024
  • Originally from: Wisconsin
  • Areas of Service: Esperanza Viva Youth Home

Dave and Jaime went on mission trips to Mexico when they were young and it changed their lives. Early on, individually, they said yes to God and answered the call to serve as missionaries. This prompting led them to a lifelong journey of involvement in missions, both by supporting fellow missionaries and partaking in trips themselves. Their connection with Esperanza Viva began in 2019, and after multiple short-term visits, they knew God was calling them to be full-time missionaries with Living Hope.

Dave and Jaime have four children: Eli, Savannah, Eden, and Isaac. Eden and Isaac will be joining them on the mission field. Dave, who has been a worship pastor since he was a teenager, is a licensed pastor, and also has a corporate background of 25 years. He has a passion for helping others find their worth in Christ. Jaime has contributed in various  areas of ministry and community outreach. She has a fervent desire to help others see themselves the way that Jesus sees them. Together, their hearts are for loving, encouraging, and caring for those that the world has given up on. They believe in, and deeply value, the upcoming generations that will change the world for Jesus. They are called to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus and to pour love into those they serve.


Living Hope International missionaries receive no salary as they serve. Your consistent gifts of any amount are a blessing.